The Three Solar Energy Panels Of Present-Day. 

​When you're contemplating purchasing solar energy panels in Las Vegas, you should always take into account three major factors: pricing, appearance, and kilowatt capability. And although these are highly essential factors to contemplate, there is another element that you should take for consideration. For the most part all solar energy power systems will gather energy. However, the price of product and installation can change from one to another drastically. This could be because some solar panels can have different watt ratings as well as different installation mount requirements.

So now that we know there are three major types of solar panels and other factors to take in. Let's look into these solar panel systems to understand them a little bit better and what it is that we as a local solar energy company in Las Vegas can do for you..

 As professionals in the industry of solar energy power panels SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas will always explain the best route to go to each and every client we meet. Our goal is to clearly represent our clients best interest and deliver the best products to their demands.

What are the 3 Types of Solar Panels?
The three major types of solar energy panels that could be found around Las Vegas are Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, and what is also known as Thin-Film Solar Panels. These solar energy panels have a cell system that is made in it's own distinctive way and can appear completely different when looked at closely.

Monocrystalline Solar Energy Power Panels.
The solar panel system that has been around the longest is the monocrystalline solar energy panels system. This could explain why it might be the solar system panel that is mostly commonly seen. The monocrystalline solar energy cell system is made from an estimated 40 of the monocrystalline solar cells which is pure silicon. Monocrystalline solar panels appear to materialize in black because of how sunlight interacts with pure silicon. And while the solar cells are of a darker color, there are an assortment of colors and designs for the back sheets and the frames.

Polycrystalline Solar Energy Power Panels.
The polycrystalline solar energy panels are one of the latest developments in the field of solar energy cells. This solar energy product is starting to get more popular as it's getting more efficient than ever before. And just as the name predicts the polycrystalline is made of silicon crystal but with a different process. In the process it's allowed to be fragmented to where later it can cool down and be thinly cut into what are polycrystalline wafers. These wafers are then put together to create a solar panel in a square shape as expected by the industry. The one thing that does appear different to the eye when staring at these panels is that they are on the blue side rather than black. 

The Thin-Film Solar Energy Panels.
The Thin-Film Solar Energy Panels are the latest addition to the solar energy industry. And even though they are not as popular it seems that the Thin-Film Solar Panels might be heading in the right direction. In many instances it can allow the installation of more solar energy power panels to where other systems would be limited due to space availability. This product also has advantages that could come into play as time goes on. That advantage is the fact that Thin-Film Solar Panels don't have to be made of silicon. In fact, it could be made of other material products such as Cadmium Telluride or Copper Indium Gallium Selenide. Meaning that if there's ever a shortage of material like we've been experiencing from 2020-2022 it could well be producing its product in a more timely manner.    

On the other hand; Many articles point out that Thin-Film Solar Energy Panels do not have the efficiency like other solar energy made products as well as it's high cost of installation. And that could be why we don't see these solar energy power panels so much in Las Vegas. But that being said, the one thing we've learned about solar energy power Innovations is that the industry will figure out how to make it more efficient sooner rather than later. 


Solar energy panels that work.

Whether you have the need for residential or commercial solar energy power panels in Las Vegas, SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas has one of the most highly-trained teams that has mastered the art of solar energy. Our years of experience can bring everything together the way most solar energy companies in Las Vegas can only yearn or hope for.

Seasoned pros 

When hiring a company to do your solar energy panels system in Las Vegas always go with the company that has the history of great performance. We at SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas have all the right components and structure to do so from the moment we meet to the very last follow-up, making sure our solar energy clients are just as enthusiastic after the project as the day they made the decision to go solar. 

​At SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas we don't just say it will be done right, we are there with the right warranty and the right team to back it up. 

Las Vegas Solar Energy System Minus The Hassle. 

​When it comes to solar energy power panels systems in Las Vegas SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas has taken great steps to make sure our clients get the best of the best. We sell some of the most reliable solar energy panels that come with a 25 year linear warranty, and it's matched with a 25 year labor warranty as well as roof penetration warranty. The idea was to create a solar energy system that is so reliable that the consumer could focus on what they want rather than what they might be afraid of. At SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas we will coordinate everything you need from the moment you decide what kind of a solar power system you want to how much money you want to save on your power bill. We know and understand that when consumers choose us they are trusting us with one of the biggest purchases they can do for their home. And we are here to say ''we are here to succeed in every one of your expectations''.

Why Go With A Solar Energy Power Panels System in Las Vegas. 

​Before we start pointing out the recognizable reasons to go with solar energy power panels in Las Vegas let's talk about the reasons that might not be so obvious but are well worth the solar energy power panels system pursuit. 

One of the most common things that people don't recognize in the pursuit of solar energy panels is that the cost of traditional power keeps going up in price all the time. And what that all adds up to, is that it's impossible to control your personal monthly cost as time goes on. However this can change once you purchase a solar energy power system on your Las Vegas Home. This is because when you purchase a well designed solar energy panels system you lockdown the price of the solar system and start collecting power for many years to come. In fact, as other homes that use conventional power have their bills climb higher you are technically saving even more money. 

​The Federal solar energy tax credit is still at 26% for the year of 2022. And the good news is that the federal government has not put a cap or a limit on the size of the system that you may purchase. This means that no matter how big or how small your solar energy power panel system is you can claim your tax credit up to 26% of the amount you spent. 

​There's also what is known as the Great return on your investment factor. And what that really means to the solar energy consumer in Las Vegas is that when SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas does an evaluation we customize the system to where your power bill should be lower than the payment you make when you finance your solar energy panels system. 

The property value of homes with solar energy power panels seems to be a factor for some home buyers. This could be because The American Association Of Appraisers had recently found that buildings with solar energy power systems have a Higher market value relatively over real estate that doesn't. And some may also see it as a product that can help you sell your property much faster as it could be a factor that can make your real estate more desirable as it has lower power bills. 

Not All Las Vegas Solar Energy Power Companies Are Created Equal. 

​Now that solar energy power has become the way of the future and can save the consumer in Las Vegas hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It's a company like SunOn Solar energy Of Las Vegas that can make a significant difference by doing things right from the very beginning. And as your solar energy panels company in Las Vegas we grasp the importance of the layout, design, and product. This will explain why SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas has taken great strides to achieve what we call premium efficiency results. The idea of achieving a premium efficiency outcome can only be done when the solar energy team has the experience that is required to put everything together from the right components, system detail, to the follow up system diagnostics. 

''We at SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas pledge to deliver a carefree solar energy system that was done with the objective and design to save you money for years to come''.

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 As our client you'll quickly find out that SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas is your no stress Las Vegas solar power panels company. In fact, when you meet with us the first time it will be clear that we're just there for our clients convenience and benefit. Simply put, we are there to make sure you understand what you will get and the choices you have when it comes to our solar energy power panels systems in Las Vegas.

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