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Las Vegas Diamond Award Winning Solar Energy Company.

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Our solar energy team is second to none.

Just about every solar energy project is different, and each has its unique challenges and goals. The collective experience of our solar energy team is so broad that they're equipped to handle any challenge that could possibly come along.

Whether you have a shopping mall or a single family home residence, we bring one of the best practices to the solar energy industry. We've worked on some of the most glorified projects and are highly skilled in our field of solar energy power panels. And as your local company we promise to bring our very best to every single jobsite ''small or big''.


Accurate Estimates

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your solar energy needs. We are one of the most developed solar energy panel distributor that has one of the best essential supporting structures in place. This means that whether you get an estimate on what your solar energy power panels will cost you or an estimate on what your new power bill should be. You'll know that you have all the accurate information you need to evaluate and assess your solar energy system purchase. 

We bring honesty with us every time we come to your home.

we are one of the industry's best Quality performers. 

At SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas we take great strides to make sure that the performance of the solar energy products that we sell are above and beyond what was thought to be out of reach just a few years ago. We never cut corners on any solar energy task, and we never will. Our whole entire outlook on our industry is that what we do today will lead to where we are tomorrow. This will explain why our solar energy power panels come with a 25 linear year warranty, a 25 year labor warranty, and a 25 year roof penetration warranty. 

We understand that we are the leading solar energy power panel distributor and coordinator in Las Vegas. And what we do could voice how the perception in the sphere of the solar industry is recognized. SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas pledges to every solar energy customer that commissions us to handle their solar system purchase that they as our consumers will always get the very best of us every time. This means that you want just hear how good we are, you'll experience it hands on. 

The SunOn Solar Energy Of Las Vegas Advantage.  

Top Industry Experience; Don’t be fooled by some solar energy companies that say they have the experience, we’ve been doing successful solar energy sales and with all the right products. In fact, some of our staff and personnel have worked around the country to perfect the solar panel system consumer satisfaction result experience. This is something that SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas takes very seriously and implements everyday with every client through and through. 

The latest Technology; We are at the forefront of the solar energy industry. We do it by offering solar panels that have some of the most efficient ratings and lifelong expectations. At no point do we accept shortcuts because it can be more profitable. Our company was built on the idea that the solar power industry is all about the future of everyone around us. The technology we sell is something we take personal and with great pride ''We are here not only for today, but for the results of tomorrow''.

Our Company Culture; We can't say how many times people ask us how is it that our staff is so happy. And just to explain, this all starts with our company fundamentals. We know that it would be impossible to have happy customers without having happy employees. Therefore we make sure that everyone from day one experiences a positive company culture inside and out. And by doing so the result has been priceless and with great merit. 

Company Mission: SunOn solar Energy of Las Vegas has two amazing missions that absolutely mean everything to us. As a local solar energy sales company we push for 100% customer satisfaction. And we also make sure that our clients understand what it is that solar energy panels can do for them. You will never experience stress, unpleasantry, or that overbearing sales technique that has been used by others. We understand that buying a solar energy power panel system is a huge decision and we are here to make sure it happens as seamlessly as possible.